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Wrong Fuel!!!

30-04-2012, 11:41 AM (This post was last modified: 01-05-2012 02:42 PM by Moz.)

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Moz Offline Full Member *** Posts: 229 Joined: Mar 2007 Reputation: 0{socialsites}
Wrong Fuel!!!

I made a schoolboy era yesterday when filling up my car – on putting the pump back I realised I had put in Super Unleaded instead of Regular Unleaded. Mild panic set in, being a little ignorant I was not sure whether this would do any damage to the car. Thankfully on checking the internet I find out this is not a problem at all and the only damage I had done was to my pocket, Super Unleaded being more expensive. However it did bring back memories of several similar petrol related incidents over the years.
1) Bournmouth Mod Rally 1988 – this is probably the most action packed rally I have ever been to. There were a big mob of us riding down (dozen+) all young mods ranging in age from 17 to 21. The first incident of note was when just past Salisbury Lee Calaun snapped his clutch cable, while changing the cable he somehow managed to snap the clutch lever – shit no one carries spare levers – then someone has a brainwave just use your brake lever and do without a front brake. Having already waited an hour or so we carried on towards Bournmouth leaving Lee to swap his brake lever to the clutch side. Somehow he also managed to snap the second lever and we did’nt see him til saturday (I believe they were some of those shitty white plastic levers that were around back in the eighties).
Bournmouth incident number 2 happened a few miles further towards our destination when I had a rear wheel blowout, I managed to control the bike to a standstill causing everyone behind me to break hard, luckily none of us hit each other, but unfortunately the two cars directly behind us crashed into each other. The drivers of these cars were gesticulating towards us intently and swearing but soon disappeared when we all headed towards them.
We arrived in Bourmouth late and failed to find a B&B so myself and Geraint decided to crash in the car park that night with just our Parkas to keep us warm. While stashing our scooters in the car park we got chatting to the band for the night called The Boys and helped them unload there van – this incident has stuck in my mind purely because the band’s lead singer was Steve Craddock of Ocean Colour Scene fame.
Mod Rallies back in those days were quite dangerous with trouble with locals happening all the time – in the eighties you regularly had mod wanker shouted at you by overtaking cars, glasses thrown at you as you drove past pubs (Cavalier, in Ely particularly springs to mind), or returned to your parked up scooter to find it kicked on it’s side. At Bournmouth 1988 the problems were not with locals but rival factions of mods from around the country. One of the hardest mod scooter clubs back in those days were the pychodots who were known for there spotty helmets – they had handled security on the mod rallies for years but there had been a falling out and they had been banned. This had not deterred them and a big mob of them turned up to this rally and there were mass fights at the door to the venue.
We met up with the rest of our crowd Saturday morning and set about finding a B&B, this we eventually did. I do remember the scooter competition because a couple of lads entered childs scooters covered in mirrors, spots and aerials.  Saturday night passed off uneventfully and an excellent night as had by all.
The petrol incident happened on the sunday morning as we prepared to head home. Mano had had to leave early, but as the rest of us packed up our scooters someone spotted gravel around there petrol cap. On checking our scooters two thirds of us realised our tanks were full of gravel, fag buts, leaves etc… – all those who had forgot to lock there seats or could’nt because they had vintage vespas and lambrettas without seat locks. The next hour was spent taking the tanks out of our scooters and cleaning them out as best we could, before pushing them a mile to the nearest petrol station to refill. We later heard that Mano broke down on the way home, not realising his scooter had been tampered with.

Cardiff Scooter Club 1998 – 2012, A470 Jokers Scooter Club 1990 – 1997, Soul Survivors Scooter Club 1985 – 1989 “DO YOUR OWN THING”

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30-04-2012, 11:47 AM

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dave Offline Junior Member ** Posts: 80 Joined: Mar 2007 Reputation: 0{socialsites}
RE: Wrong Fuel!!!

I filled my PX up with diesel and drove off without realising until the engine went pop. Most expensive lot of petrol I ever bought. :-(

Cardiff Scooter Club

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30-04-2012, 12:08 PM (This post was last modified: 30-04-2012 12:45 PM by Moz.)

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Moz Offline Full Member *** Posts: 229 Joined: Mar 2007 Reputation: 0{socialsites}
RE: Wrong Fuel!!!

2. Petrol (oil) incident number two happened at the first Run From The Scum rally in the late nineties, back then it was held at Sunnyside Caravan Park (Not Trevelgue where it has now been held for years). For this rally it was just the three of us riding down, myself, Gerry and Dom. The journey proved uneventful until we pulled into a petrol station just outside Newquay to refill. Following the refill Gerry went to his bag to get his two stroke only to find the bottle had leaked all over his brand new very expensive cream stone island jacket which was now cream with red splodges. Dom and I gave Gerry our sympathy – half an hour later when we had finally stopped laughing. This Rally is another one that sticks in my mind because again there was fighting – this time I believe it was between two Cornish Clubs!
3. Incident number three happened on the way to a Burton Brewers Rally in the early noughties. On this one I had driven with Lobby (I think?) and we had met up with the Cornish lot. At a petrol stop Jackie from Plymouth was filling up when we realised a petrol puddle was spreading from under the scooter, she had made the very common schoolboy error of filling with petrol the air hole in the centre of the seat bracket, with it all going straight onto the garage floor. This is a very common error repeated by many of us over the years.
On a similar note when I went from my oil injection A reg PX125E to a self mix V Reg P200E in 1987, I could’nt work out why the ‘new’ 200 was driving so badly until a knowledgeable friend pointed out that it was’nt a good idea to store your oil mixing jug in the convenient hole by the seat bracket! thereby starving the carb of air!!! – Clueless
Thankfully i’ve never made the more serious error of putting diesel in a petrol vehicle or vice versa – just like Dave has admitted to above!

Cardiff Scooter Club 1998 – 2012, A470 Jokers Scooter Club 1990 – 1997, Soul Survivors Scooter Club 1985 – 1989 “DO YOUR OWN THING”

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30-04-2012, 01:07 PM

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mojitomark Offline Newbie * Posts: 14 Joined: Dec 2011 Reputation: 0{socialsites}
RE: Wrong Fuel!!!

“Thankfully i’ve never made the more serious error of putting diesel in a petrol car or vice versa – anyone on here prepared to admit to that one?”
Done that, once filled a diesel Merc van with petrol in Asda’s, realised what i had done b4 starting & driving off. I spent the next 2 hours lying under the van draining tank into petrol cans, filled back up with diesel and used the petrol up in car with no problem. Never do that again always check the colour of the filler i’m holding now.
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30-04-2012, 05:23 PM

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Ska Offline Administrator ******* Posts: 431 Joined: Apr 2008 Reputation: 0{socialsites}
RE: Wrong Fuel!!!

Put a tenners worth of unleaded in our last diesel car at Tesco Western Avenue, pull off and went into Tesco. Tried to start the car on coming out and it eventually choked into action, wondering what had happened between going in the shop and coming out we chugged off, as we got half way out of the car park a horrible dawning hit me, “I think I’ve put in unleaded”, after a short discussion which involved words like ‘you cock’, I had the idea of diluting the unleaded with twice the amount of diesel, how can you tell I’m not mechanically minded!
We pulled back into Western Ave and I put in the Diesel, got back in the car a turned the engine over, nothing, it wouldn’t start, tried again and thankfully it chugged into life, thinking lets get going so the diesel can work its way through, I checked the rear view mirror and could not see a thing, eh? I glimpsed over Jo’s shoulder and thought oh feck, the whole of the petrol station was covered in light blue smoke, you could barely see the car on the other side of the petrol pump.
Somewhat embarrassed I hit the accelerator and chugged the hell out of dodge, luckily the diluting worked and the car soon got back to normal, the usual pile of shite it was, but I’d loved to have heard the what the other drivers were calling me whilst they were being choked by my blue fumes.
Like Mojito, I check the colour of the nozzle and double check what vehicle I’ve got with me.