Wrong Fuel Mistakes Continue to Plague Police Force

Previously on our blog, we have reported how the fuelling mistakes of the Tameside police force had resulted in a collective bill of more than £5000 since 2008. In the time following this observation, further occurrences have continued to be raised across the country, with West Mercian police officers being the latest group to come under scrutiny for this mishap.

In the past 2 years, more than 16 separate incidents of wrong fuelling have been documented, and this has led to a substantial repair bill of £2,312 in order to rectify the vehicles in question. At this point, the West Mercian police force cannot comment whether the problem is resulting from officers putting petrol in diesel vehicles or diesel into a petrol vehicle. Yet whatever the situation might be, it is leading an already struggling force into considerable expenses.

The West Mercian forces have already had to close a total of 7 police bases in the last quarter due to money saving schemes, and this latest incident of wrong fuelling, however small the percentage of vehicles might be, is therefore a severe problem. Continuous measures are being taken to move police vehicles towards a single fuel type, and others are now being ‘marked’ to prevent incorrect fuelling.

Whilst in the long term police forces are looking towards eradicating the problem of wrong fuelling by switching the fleet to electric cars, the fact still remains that cases of mistaken fuelling have cost the UK more than £500,000 in the last 4 years alone. Many of the precautions, such as the yellow cap covers on North Wales Police diesel cars, also have not yielded the desired effect, and the repair bill for such mishaps continues to rise as a result.

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