Woolwich or Greenwich ?

Off to Sainsbury’s Woolwich to do a BMW 3 series that the customer had put unleaded in diesel around £30 worth. Took the best part of 2 hours to get there through the London traffic on a Sunday afternoon, sometimes i think Sunday afternoon is worse for traffic than Friday evening, so i was driving around Sainsbury’s Woolwich trying to find a petrol station with no luck so i contacted the customer who insisted she was at Woolwich Sainsbury’s “you know” she said “the one next to the blackwall tunnel” Well if you know London you will know Woolwich is at least 3 miles away from the blackwall tunnel which is next to Greenwich Sainsburys, so i took a punt and low and behold there she was. So back seats out, sender units out, wrong fuel out, correct fuel back in, half hour job done.. nice trip back through the center of London, it looks spectacular at night.