The Most Common Causes of Car Breakdowns: Avoid Making These Mistakes (Part Two)

There is nothing more frustrating or embarrassing than your car breaking down – especially as it always seems to happen at the worst possible time. For someone who is on their own, it can be extremely scary to break down in a place in which you aren’t familiar with.

We earlier started a series that looked at some of the most common causes of why people breakdown in their cars, with the idea that they can then be avoided in the future. We discussed breaking down because of a flat battery, because of a flat tyre and breaking down due to putting the wrong fuel in your car (and this one is a very common occurrence).

In this post we will be taking a look at some more common causes of car breakdowns!

Engine Overheating

One of the most common reasons for a car breaking down is an overheated engine. There are several reasons for why this may happen, and sometimes it can be hard to pinpoint and diagnose. These are just a couple of the reasons!

A thermostat that has frozen or gotten stuck in the closed position can block the flow of coolant to the car’s engine. By feeling the upper radiator hose, you can quickly check if your thermostat has gotten stuck. Once the engine has warmed up, this radiator hose should get warm. If it doesn’t, then it’s likely that it’s stuck.

A leak in the cooling system can also cause the engine to overheat, as the loss of coolant means there isn’t enough in the car to keep it nice and cool. You can check this by seeing if the radiator is low on fluid, or if there is leaks of coolant on the ground by your car.

Overheating can cause a lot of damage to your car, with breaking down just being one of them. It’s important that you get it checked over ASAP if you are worried.

Alternator Faults

If you break down in your car and you’re not sure of the reason why, it could be because of an alternator fault. If you have regular battery problems, and your headlights keep dimming, then these are all signs that your alternator is faulty.

The alternator is an important part of your car, as it generates an electrical current from your car mechanical power and sends it to your cars battery and other electrical components like headlights and radio.

If your alternator is faulty, it cannot charge up your cars battery to a level that is sufficient enough for it to be able to start – therefore it will cut out.

Now that we have covered five different causes for car breakdowns, there is a good chance that you will be able to prevent it from happening. However, sometimes it is out of your hands and you need to deal with it in a calm and efficient way.

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