Say YES to Diesel: Advantages of a Diesel Engine

With the number of diesel cars being sold in the last few years increasing, you might be wondering just what is attracting people to this type of engine. What was once just used in trucks has now become common for all types of vehicles. A lot of people were previously put off by the noisy engine, but this has improved massively over recent times.

Why should you choose a diesel car? We’ve investigated some of the benefits below.

They are more efficient

A diesel car can offer you more fuel efficiency than a petrol car can. On average, you’re looking at around 30% more miles per gallon than the same car with a petrol engine. It’s often more expensive, but it will need filling up a lot less. Therefore if you are making frequent long journeys, you will definitely benefit from a diesel car.

They last longer

You can expect a diesel car to last longer than a petrol car, as their engine parts are generally a lot stronger. Petrol engines have to work harder to create the same amount of power, which means that they tend to need more frequent maintenance. This unfortunately means they are more expensive to purchase.

They cool easier

Diesel engines produce a lot less heat than a petrol car, and are cooled much more efficiently. A petrol car needs substantial cooling systems which are usually more expensive.

 They retain their value

Diesel cars retain their value a lot better than their petrol counterparts, and the resale is usually much higher. So whilst they cost more to buy, you will get a lot more money when you decide it’s time to sell it. This is because people are generally looking for a car that has better fuel economy and will cost them less car tax. Less car tax is an award for having low CO2 emission.

If you make the switch from petrol to diesel but find yourself putting petrol in your diesel car, don’t worry. Here at Wrong Fuel we specialise in dealing with cars that have accidently been fed the wrong type of fuel. We can quickly get you back on the road in no time! We find that it’s useful to keep our number in your purse or wallet so that we can easily be reached. You can find us on 0800 634 9827.