Report Reveals £5000 Wrong Fuel Damage Within Tameside Police

It has come to light recently that over the last five years wrong fuel blunders have cost Tameside police force over £5000 in correcting the misfueling of squad cars. It was recorded that, since 2008, police patrol cars within the force had been mistakenly filled with petrol rather than diesel 21 times, resulting in a total bill of £5,208.02.

The cost of correcting the mistake of wrong fuelling varies greatly depending on the vehicle model, the type of tank and the amount of fuel administered.

The cost of fuel tank repairs can be high when dealing with high performance vehicles and, in 2008, one officer mistakenly filled his BMW 530 with petrol, incurring a repair bill of £679.42. The following year, another officer who clearly had not learned from the errors of his colleges again filled a diesel fuelled Citroen C3 with petrol, costing £741.20.

Although in recent years the number of fuel mistakes within the force has fallen, the bill for 2010 alone was around £1,900, which included a high cost blunder, and several errors incurring repair bills of just over £100, with car models such as Ford Fiestas being cheaper to repair or provide replacement fuel tanks.

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