Putting the Wrong Fuel in Your Car: Why Exactly Does It Cause Problems?

When you accidentally misfuel your car, you might be surprised at the potential damage that this careless mishap could lead to. Whilst it is easy to imagine why putting diesel in a petrol car might lead to your car not starting properly, it’s far less obvious why such an occurrence could actually result in more severe damages. The aforementioned circumstance is relatively rare, as the filler neck hole in a petrol car is far smaller than the equivalent aperture in a diesel vehicle, so it is less likely for the two to become confused. However, it does still happen. Diesel self ignites, and there are no spark plugs in a diesel engine because of that fact. This means that the spark plugs in a petrol engine are the most likely part of the mechanism to become damaged by diesel, as they may well have been rendered unable to spark by the foreign liquid.

Other parts of a petrol fuel system and engine can also be damaged by the injection of diesel fuel, but by far the more common problem is actually the reverse eventuality; namely putting petrol into a diesel engine. This is a fairly common concern, and can lead to the serious breaking down of the engine and the fuel pump in question. Because diesel fuel pumps and engines require more lubrication than their petrol counterparts, even a small amount of petrol can reduce the natural lubrication of diesel, and the key thing to bear in mind at this point is not to start a vehicle that has been misfueled in this manner. As long as a car remains inactive, the wrong fuel cannot penetrate the delivery system and accompanying ancillaries as readily. If a vehicle is driven, then parts like the fuel pump and catalytic converters can soon become corroded by the adverse fuel, so it is imperative to act quickly to preserve the functions of your vehicle.

The good news is that providing you seek out the help of professional fuel drainage services, and providing your ancillary equipment has not been degraded before the process has begun, you can usually see either misfueling mistake rectified without actually needing to replace any form of internal components. Even tanks which are only partially filled with the wrong fuel are best off being drained, as, although they might succeed in continuing to run without incident, the risk is simply not worth it. Over 400 occurrences of wrong fuelling take place every day, and here at Wrong Fuel we have a proven track record for returning many of these inconvenienced motorists back onto UK roads. Furthermore, if you have a suitable fuel carrying container we can even save any fuel that you need draining, so there’s really no reason not to call us on 0800 634 9827 as soon as you need our services.