Prevent Winter Driving Mishaps

With Christmas a mere 4 days away, there are plenty of people who will be making the long drive home over the next couple of days. There will also be lots of people travelling to visit family and friends.

It’s easy to be distracted this time of the year, whether it’s due to excitement about going home or worrying about getting your shopping finished in time. It’s also the time of year in which people make the most serious driving mistakes.

Whether you’re gearing up for the longest journey of the year or you’re driving an hour away to relatives, it’s important to remain safe on the road. We’ve put together some tips to make sure that you avoid making any driving mishaps this winter!

Getting Tired Whilst Driving

For those who have to make a long journey in the next few days, it’s extremely easy to get tired whilst on the road. A lot of people aren’t used to driving as far as they have to and therefore won’t realise that it can get extremely tiring. We suggest taking regular breaks – stop off for a coffee or two along the way!

Many people choose to drive through the night to avoid the frustrating Christmas traffic. Whilst it might seem like a good idea, it can also be very dangerous. Driving at night is when you are more likely to get sleepy at the wheel – so avoid this as much as possible.

Putting the Wrong Fuel in your Car

We’ve all done it. You’re distracted thinking about Christmas presents and whether you remembered to get the turkey out of the freezer and then suddenly you find yourself asking ‘did I just put the wrong fuel in my car?’

If this happens to you, the most important thing to remember is that you shouldn’t panic. There are certain steps to take to make sure that you haven’t caused too much damage to your car. You shouldn’t turn on the ignition – this will stop the wrong fuel getting into the engine. It’s then important to work out how much of the wrong fuel you put in – if less than 10% it should be safe to fill up on the right fuel and carry on as normal.

We suggest calling for professional help if you think you have put in more than 10%.

Drink Driving

Everyone knows that driving whilst under the influence of alcohol is both wrong and illegal. However, something about this time of the year makes people more likely to test the boundaries when it comes to driving after drinking.

If you’ve had a Christmas tipple or two on Christmas day and decide you want to go home – don’t do it. Even a couple of drinks can take you over the limit so it’s definitely not worth the risk.

Here at Wring Fuel, we’re experts at draining unwanted fuel from your car in a way that can ensure no damage is done. You can contact us anytime on 0800 634 9827, so we recommend keeping our number on hand just in case.

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