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Have you ever put petrol in a diesel car? It’s OK; it can be an easy mistake to make. In fact, around 400 people do exactly that every day, so there’s no need to panic. However, you do have to take the right course of action fairly quickly. Otherwise, your vehicle’s engine could suffer extensive damage.

Why You Should Never Start Your Car

If you do find that you’ve put petrol in a diesel car by mistake, the key thing to remember is never to start your car. If you do, you’ll notice that the vehicle will misfire from the moment you start it. After that, the engine will completely cut out – potentially leaving you stranded in hazardous situations, such as midway around a roundabout, at the traffic lights, or even in the middle of nowhere! The petrol will also have been more widely circulated around your diesel tank, which is only going to cause damage, especially in a HDi or common rail engine. This is because diesel fuel pumps in cars rely upon the diesel to act as a lubricant, whereas the flow of petrol around them results in a solvent that brings delicate metal parts in the car’s fuel pump together. So, given the fact that you can’t solve the problem by starting your car, you need to have the incorrect fuel drained by a professional.

We Specialise in Draining Petrol from Diesel Cars

Here at Wrong Fuel, we can solve your misfuelling mistakes in a heartbeat with our wide range of fuel drain services, expert technicians and specialist equipment. We started off providing our services to the South East of the UK, but now we can meet your needs on a nationwide basis via several other fuel drain companies. We operate on a 24/7 basis, and our different packages can both be carried out efficiently to get you back on the road in no time at all. If it’s not an emergency, and you’re not stranded in an awkward place, we can also offer next day fuel drainage, which often reduces the price of the service. All you need do is contact us today on 0800 634 9827 for details.