More than Half of Drivers Ignore Car Faults

A new survey has shown that more than half of Britain’s motorists are currently driving their car despite it having faults, causing them to fork out hundreds more pounds than if they had it looked at straight away.

Many of the problems are relatively inexpensive if they’re fixed straight away. But by driving with car issues, motorists are inadvertently causing more damage and facing a heftier cost when they do eventually get it looked at.

The research showed that 35-44 year olds were the most likely to drive with a fault, with 47% admitting to have done so. The next worst age group for fixing faults were those that fall between the ages of 45 and 54, suggesting that drivers become increasingly complacent as they spend more years on the road.

The most notable figures from the survey showed that 21% of drivers will wait six months or more before having a professional look at issues, 63% are currently driving with a fault that they have yet to get checked out, and 12% will drive for up to a year with a fault that they’re aware of.

Furthermore, more than a quarter of drivers will skip their annual service, despite it being recommended.

One of the most common problems to be ignored is a worn wheel bearing, which will set a driver back less than £100. But by waiting to resolve the problem, it can cause damage to the brakes or stub axle, resulting in a bill between £300 and £1,500.

Here at Wrong Fuel, we know that people are usually in a rush and don’t have time to deal with issues when they arise. However, if you put the wrong fuel in your car, it could end up setting you back thousands of pounds to install new fuel injectors and a tank.

If you deal with the problem when it arises by calling one of our qualified engineers, then they can get you back on the road in next to no time and save you thousands of pounds by draining the fuel rather than rebuilding the engine.

Ignoring a problem will only hit you in the pocket further along down the line, so if you’ve accidentally put the wrong fuel in your vehicle, speak to one of our experts who will be able to help you on the roadside.

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