Misfueling Costs Scotland Yard More Than a Quarter Million

Here on the Wrong Fuel blog, we’ve previously reported how the police force have been strangely prone to blunders with regards to putting the wrong sort of fuel in their cars, and according to the latest news it doesn’t appear that this embarrassing situation has been rectified in the intervening months since we last talked about it.

Between 2008 and 2013, more than 1,000 separate occasions of putting diesel in a petrol car, and vice versa, were reported in the police force, and this mishap has continued to dog the police in spite of the warning signs that have been installed on fuel caps. Each incident has cost almost £300 to correct, and according to the Express the 138 examples of this type between 2012 and 2013 have been very expensive indeed. The Metropolitan Police has been hit with costs of £47,909 due to these isolated occurrences alone, and the total figure across the 2008-2013 period has resulted in Scotland Yard paying out a staggering £288,000.

The police have stressed that the number of misfueling reports is minute in comparison to the times when the procedure is carried out without incident, and they have continued to place their faith in measures such as the aforementioned fuel cap reminder to eradicate the problem. On average, a driver misfuels their vehicle every three minutes or so, equating to approximately 150,000 domestic motorists a year, and the police certainly can’t be expected to be immune to such accidents when the situation is so prevalent. However, scrutiny upon such official organisations is always much heavier, and so repeat offenders may now have to take responsibility for the costs they unwittingly accrue.

It’s easy to look at the fairly regular stories of police blunders in the news and scoff at how such a misfortune could happen so often, but it’s also easy to look at the large financial figures that are being discussed and come to the conclusion that misfueling is a real calamity. However, this doesn’t have to be the case, as at Wrong Fuel we are able to drain your misfueled vehicle at very reasonable prices, and can usually ensure that your vehicle doesn’t suffer any lasting damage as well.

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