Misfueled Porsche Proves to be an Expensive Mistake

Putting the wrong fuel in a car is an occurrence that frequently distresses people for a number of reasons. There is the feeling of embarrassment that you’ve made a mistake to begin with, and the disruption that can be caused by a vehicle that suddenly won’t move, but there is also worry over the damages that might have been caused to your vehicle, along with the subsequent amount of money that might be needed to rectify these issues.

For Alan Thompson, a businessman in East London, this latter situation became a stark reality this week, as he was quoted an astonishing sum of almost £15,000 to have a misfueled Porsche fixed. Mr Thompson had refuelled a courtesy car as a gesture of thanks to the friend who had loaned him the vehicle, but according to the Express he mistakenly did so using petrol, rather than the diesel that the Porsche had been designed to run on.

Mr Thompson offered to pay the damages and took the car directly to a Porsche dealership, but baulked at the colossal price that he was presented with. Having contacted several other Porsche representatives, he was quoted various alternative figures within the region of £5,000 to £10,000, before yet another garage in Enfield offered to conduct the fuel drain and fit a fuel filter for just over £1,000.

Clearly, this figure was vastly preferable to the first sum that was suggested to Mr Thompson, but it was still a substantial amount of money. When you’ve already been inconvenienced due to putting petrol in a diesel car, the last think you need is to find yourself having to break the bank in order to put your error right again, and so here at Wrong Fuel we specialise in draining your fuel at the most competitive prices around.

We are capable of putting your vehicle back on the road no matter where you are based, and have an extremely high chance of doing so without any longer lasting problems manifesting in your vehicle. As well as being able to drain your fuel and replace it with the correct kind, we can also provide methods to ensure that you don’t put the wrong fuel in your car in the future too. Some of these innovations cost as little as £50, and that’s a fantastic price for total peace of mind.

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