Londons Leading Fuel Drain Company have been helping people who have made the mistake of putting the wrong fuel in their vehicles since 2006 and have completed over 5000 fuel drains. will go to the place of the misfuel if that’s at the fuel station or after the fact at the side of the road, at home or at work, saving the need for expensive tow charges and then a garage bill for the fuel drain which usually costs significantly more than our mobile service.

New figures for 2012 show that over 800 people make this mistake every day, that’s 45 people every hour, so you are not alone. With diesel engine vehicles becoming ever more popular misfueling will only get worse because of one thing, Human Error!

So lets’s get down to the nitty gritty, if you have put the wrong fuel in your car DO NOT start it just call us out, we will empty out your tank and your supply lines to the engine thus giving you complete peace of mind that you have not damaged your cars engine or any components on it.

If you have not noticed the fact that you have put the wrong fuel in your vehicle (usually unleaded petrol in diesel) and you have driven it until it cuts out then its slightly different, we still empty the tank and fuel supply lines then we will also clean out your filter, fuel pump and injectors. We can not guarantee that your vehicles engine, fuel pump or injectors will not have any long term damage but we will guarantee that your vehicle will be running just as it was before it was misfueled.

If your vehicle has been filled with a small amount of fuel up to 10% of the tanks total capacity, most tanks have a 60ltr capacity making 6ltrs of the wrong fuel the maximum you can get away with if you then fill the rest of the tank with the correct fuel. This means your vehicles engine will probably not cut out or even misfire slightly leading you to think that you have got away with it. This is very misleading because your vehicle has now got a full tank of fuel that has totally mixed together and in the case of a diesel vehicle the fuel will be a diluted version of diesel that has a very different viscosity, your vehicles fuel pump has very finely set tolerances based on the common regulated viscosity of diesel fuel supplied in the E.U. This can cause raised or different pressures in the pump and therefor in the injectors and has been known to cause damage to valves and even damage to pistons. Also it will have lost a great deal of its ability to lubricate the moving parts of the fuel pump and the injectors causing them to wear prematurely. In the case of the petrol engine the damage will be inside the cylinder to the exhaust valves and the pistons. Since 1992 all vehicles will have been fitted with catalytic converters (cats) on the exhaust systems. When your engine misfires these cats can super heat expanding and then contracting when cooling causing the internals to brake up thus rendering it useless.  so as you can see its always better to have the fuel taken out.

Thanks for reading this page we hope it’s been of some help but if you need more info or advice on your particular predicament then please don’t hesitate to contact us on 08006349827 or through our website at and use the enquiry form.