Incredible Fuels for Cars

Of course we all know that these days, cars can run on electric and solar-power, in addition to petrol and diesel. But that’s not the limit. We’ve put together a list of things your car can run on, some of them technically impressive, and some, well, some are just unbelievable!


Back in the 50’s it was heralded. And while there are some great reasons to use nuclear as a power source, fuelling cars isn’t one of them. Built in 1958, the Ford Nucleon was developed under the assumption that nuclear would soon become the dominant energy source. That never happened. And neither did the Nucleon, which never made it past the prototype stage.



It’s hard to believe that the humble banana can be used as a fuel source. Ok, so you can’t go shoving a whole one into your car and expect to get from Lands End to John O’Groats. But banana peels can be fermented and used as a sustainable bio-ethanol fuel. With environmental awareness at its zenith, bio-ethanol is fast becoming a green alternative to traditional fuels.



Our love affair with chocolate has continued unabated since its inception in 1900BC. Now researchers from the University of Warwick have found a new use for the world’s best comfort food. Fuelling a Formula 3 racing car. It’s another example of a bio fuel, and in fact the entire car was built using renewable and environmentally sustainable materials. Perfect for the sweet-toothed driver.



Want to give your car a little extra pep in the morning? Have you tried feeding it coffee? The British team behind BBC show Bang Goes the Theory did exactly that. Due to the presence of carbon in coffee, the team decided that it should – theoretically – be capable of running a car. They weren’t wrong. On the downside, the drivers had to clean out the engine filters every half an hour, giving a whole new meaning to filter coffee.

Human Waste

It was only a matter of time before man and machine bonded in this way. While we’re only just beginning to explore the possibilities of creating a fuel made from our own waste, rest assured it’s not quite the vehicular equivalent of Soylent Green just yet. From the surplus fat drawn from patients of liposuction, to the contents of babies nappies (and nappies themselves for that matter), it seems that if it’s rubbish, scientists will find a way to make use of it.


It just goes to show what’s possible with a dash of creative genius. But one thing a diesel car can’t do though, is run on petrol. If you’ve put petrol in a diesel car don’t panic – just give us a ring on 0800 634 9827, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.