How Petrol In My Diesel Car Spoiled My Day

My day was spoiled by one second of stupidity as i stood there looking into space the cold hard fear ran through me with the realisation that i was filling my bosses brand new (3 weeks old) Mercedes Benz E350 diesel car with unleaded petrol… oh my god what am i going to do now? I thought of running away, leaving the country, blaming the petrol station or just filling the rest of the tank up with diesel, driving it back to the office and keeping quiet in the hope that it would be OK and no one would notice.

I came to my senses and told the guy at the petrol station, asking if he knew of any way he could help, thinking that i couldn’t possibly be the only one to have done this he must have dealt with idiots like me before, he looked at me and said “don’t start the car” he then gave me a card and told me to call the number for a mobile fuel drain unit to come out to me and drain the fuel in the car out so that i could put the correct fuel back in. came out and sorted the car within 35 minutes and because i had not started the car the technician told me i had no need to worry because the petrol had not got to the engine so therefor had not done any damage, i took the decision to call my boss and let him know what had happened, he was totally ok about it he told me he had done it himself to his last car.

So thanks Pat for sorting it out for me i would recommend your company to anybody. Top job saved my day. John Silvers, Southampton