How Much Fuel Money would Santa Need?

Santa has it pretty easy when it comes to travelling around the world; he doesn’t need to stop off to refuel (therefore, reducing the chances of him putting the wrong fuel in his vehicle), and he doesn’t  have to deal with the backlog of traffic that comes with the season, too!

However, what if his reindeer decided to take a day off and Santa had to bundle his presents in a car instead?

The Total Cost of Fuel

We can’t know for sure whether Santa is a rich guy or not, but we can guarantee that driving around the world isn’t going to be cheap. It is going to take a lot of fuel to drive around the world, especially as he has to visit all continents in one night – that’s a lot of refuelling stops!

Now, for most people who are travelling around the world, they’d have a longer period of time to get around the world, but Santa only has one night – and he is pretty magical. According to Drive Nacho Drive – a blog of two people who set out circumnavigating the world in their 1984 Volkswagen Vanagon in 2011 – their worldwide trip cost them $13,847 in fuel.

Points to Consider

Fuel prices have risen significantly since 2011, however, and it would also depend on what vehicle Santa would be driving as to the amount of fuel that he would be consuming on his trip.

We also can’t take the data from Drive Nacho Drive as a reliable resource in 2016 as they probably won’t have had as many stops to take as ol’ Santa himself. We can guarantee that he’ll have driven much further around each country than they will have done!

While $13,847 is a good guideline to start from, it’s more likely that jolly old Santa will have to pay over $15,000 to make his journey!

Best Countries to Fuel Up

As his reindeer only need carrots and hay to fuel up, Santa is also going to have to consider tactical refuelling in order to ensure that he can make it around the world. With petrol and diesel prices being a huge talking point, it’s important for Santa to know where it’s cost effective to fuel his car up while he’s travelling.


According to an article on, Venezuela is the cheapest place in the world for fuel, costing only $0.02 per gallon. Kuwait is a close second with a $0.88 per gallon price tag.

The top 10 countries with the best fuel prices are as follows – so take note, Santa!

1. Venezuela – $0.02 per gallon

2. Kuwait -$0.88 per gallon

3. United States – $2.57 per gallon

4. Luxembourg – $4.69 per gallon

5. Saudi Arabia – $0.91 per gallon

6. United Arab Emirates – $1.80 per gallon

7. Switzerland – $5.58 per gallon

8. Australia – $3.57 per gallon

9. Canada – $3.45 per gallon

10. Norway – $6.53 per gallon

We don’t envy Santa one bit when it comes to travelling around the world, and we think he’s probably grateful for his reindeer taking him around rather than having to fit everything into a car!

However, if you’re not lucky enough to have a herd of reindeer and have to rely on fuelling your car to get about, be sure to keep us in mind should you accidentally put petrol in a diesel car – we can help! For more information, please get in contact with us today!