How Misfueling Can Ruin Your Day

It’s one of the most common motoring mishaps in the whole UK. You rush out of the house in the morning, barely remembering to lock the front door as you go, and pause on your way to work to refuel your car’s dwindling fuel tank. Halfway through standing at the station pump, you see that you’re in the process of filling your tank with petrol rather than diesel, and, with a shock, think to yourself “Oh no…I’ve put the wrong fuel in my car”.

You won’t be the first to make this mistake, and you certainly won’t be the last either. Unfortunately, even though misfueling can be totally solved by trained technicians, like those we employ here at WrongFuel, the time that is wasted following such an incident can be harder to account for. Using the wrong fuel in a car initially evokes feelings of panic about the potential damage you might have caused to your vehicle, but subsequently the need to rearrange transport and continue with your expected journey also looms large.

Again, you’d be in good company, as a cursory glance through the news will usually reveal numerous results of this sort of accident. Just recently, Morton football player Rowan Vine missed the inaugural training session with his new club because his car broke down on the M8. After apologising to Kenny Shiels, the manager of Morton, the entire press conference that was to follow the session had to be cancelled as Vine struggled to reorganise his transport. Once all the details were gathered, it transpired that Vine’s misfortune had been caused by – you guessed it – putting petrol in a diesel car.

If you find your daily plan disrupted in the same way as Rowan Vine’s, it’s probably inevitable that, as well as feelings of embarrassment, you’ll have to make a number of phone calls as you try to rescue the remainder of your day. However, one thing you don’t have to worry about is the state of your vehicle, as here at Wrong Fuel we can solve your misfueling problem even if you’ve started your engine. We’ll also come straight to your location as quickly as possible so, although we can’t save all of your precious time, we can certainly minimise the duration of your inconvenience.  We’ve been dealing with fuelling errors for almost a decade, so call us on 0800 634 9827 if you ever need our services.