Fuel Thieves Misfuel

Around 400 people fill up their car with the wrong fuel every day, which is a minor inconvenience for the owner of the car.

But for some luckless thieves near Exeter, this was an issue that got them into some serious trouble with the police.


The Not So Great Escape

The rouges filled their tank up full to the brim with fuel and drove away from the petrol station, without paying, in what they thought was the great escape.

This wasn’t to be the case though, as it transpired the thieves got a little caught up in the moment and filled their car with the wrong fuel, using diesel rather than petrol.

As the thieves made their getaway they came to a grinding halt just a short distance away from the petrol station, where they were apprehended by local police.


Putting Diesel in Petrol Engine

The thieves fell victim to a fairly rare occurrence in this case, as most filler necks on unleaded cars are much smaller than that on a diesel car.

Therefore, the hapless thieves must have forced the larger diesel pump into their filler cap in a moment of panic before committing the crime.


What to Do?

So, what should you do if you have filled up a petrol car with diesel fuel?

The most important thing to always remember, if you realise that you have filled up with the wrong fuel is don’t start the engine.

If you do, the diesel will be injected into the engine, wetting the spark plugs in your car almost instantly, meaning the car will be unable to start.  

It’s important to contact a fully trained technician from Wrong Fuel as soon as possible, and we’ll pump the fuel out of your car and get you back on the road again.

Remembering this advice in the event of filling up with the wrong fuel could save you a lot of time and money!


Putting Petrol in Diesel Engine

Putting petrol into a diesel car is more common than our hapless thieves story and happens on a daily basis in the UK.

If you do happen to put petrol into your diesel engine and start your car, the vehicle will misfire when you initially start your car. There is a possibility that the car will run for a while, but the engine will eventually cut out.

This could leave you in a potentially dangerous situation on the road, so it’s important to try and spot the signs that you have filled up with the wrong fuel as early as possible.


What To Do?

If you realise you have filled up with the wrong fuel, it is important to not start your engine and call out one of our experts to drain your tank.

In the event that you have already set off, and your car engine cuts out, try to remain calm and get your car to a safe stopping position. It’s then important to turn your engine off and take the keys out of the ignition to prevent any further damage to your car.

If you ever end up stranded after filling your car with the wrong fuel, use these tips and contact us straight away. This will help to ensure the damage done to your car is minimal and that the fuel is drained from your car efficiently and safely.