Fire Engine in Lincoln Filled with Wrong Fuel

Even the Professionals Do it

A miniature disaster occurred at a Waitrose Petrol Station on Monday 3rd March. A professional fire fighter was left flustered and embarrassed after filling his vehicle with the wrong fuel. The fire fighter got his nozzles mixed up, and accidently put petrol into the vehicle when the engine took diesel. Luckily, he realised his mistake very soon after the incident, so the fire engine was not driven.


Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue have confirmed that a fire engine was left out of action for three days after being filled with the wrong type of fuel, as it had to have the engine drained and cleansed. Andy Whitfield, divisional commander for Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue, said: “A member of our crew accidentally put the wrong fuel in the fire engine but realised their mistake straight away.” Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue division had to use a replacement vehicle whilst the engine was drained. Luckily, there was no lasting damage and the fire engine is now back in operation.
An Easy Mistake to Make

This incident proves just how common a problem it is for people to put the wrong fuel into vehicles, and that it can happen anywhere, to anyone, even to the professionals who use vehicles as part of their job all the time. For a Fire Rescue service, this was a serious error, as the vehicle was in demand and had a significant purpose to fulfil. However, disaster was averted by the quick response of the fuel draining company and the availability of reserve vehicles from Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue.


What We Can do to Help
Accidently putting petrol in a diesel car is a common occurrence, with around 400 people in Britain making this silly but simple mistake every day. You may think that you would never do something like that, but it only takes a few minutes of lost concentration to pick up the wrong fuel pump. If you do find that you have misfuelled, you should stay calm, not turn on your engine and give Wrong Fuel a call on 0800 634 9827. We will come to you and carry out the following simple service:


  • Drain the contaminated fuel out of your vehicle in a safe manner.
  • Flush out the fuel system including the tank, lines, filter, fuel pump, and injectors.
  • Start the vehicle and check the proper running of the engine.
  • Remove and dispose of the contaminated fuel in a proper manner, in accordance with the environment agency guidelines.


Remember, filling your vehicle with the wrong fuel is very easy to do – even professionals do it and emergency service workers! The main thing to remember is not to panic, because it can be sorted by Wrong Fuel safely and efficiently.