Driving Resolutions: 5 Bad Habits to Shake for 2016

Well, that’s it for another year! We hope you’re still feeling sufficiently stuffed from the excessive amount of grub you’ve managed to guzzle over the last few days.

With a New Year hot on our heels, we thought we would take a moment out from delivering our fuel drainage services in London and offer a blog to address some ideas for potential resolutions for the less than careful drivers out there! We’re sure you’re not one of course, but we all have areas that we can improve, right? 

Red sports car

So buckle up and adjust your wing mirrors accordingly and we’ll set off on our journey through some potential New Year driving-resolutions for 2016!


On the subject of buckling up, it’s an idea to put your belt on before you set off! Too many times have we seen people fiddling with their belt while in motion; not only is it easier to put your belt on while at a standstill… it’s the legal way to do it!


How many times have you said, “mind the mess,” when giving someone a lift home? There’s a way to avoid that degrading spiel… keep it clean! Clean up your rubbish, don’t leave unnecessary objects in the back of your car and keep a tidy boot. Also, why not treat your car to a wash to remove all that Clean Me graffiti scrawled into the dirt on the back of your car?

Back Into Spaces

It’s tempting to park your car nose first and think, “I’ll deal with that later!” However, not only does it cause a bit of a rigmarole when you have to reverse out, but you can’t see traffic fully as you are reversing. For your ease, and the safety of other road-dwellers, backing into spaces is the way forward.

Man pressing horn while in a traffic jam

Exercise Patience!

We have seen some angry drivers in our time, we’re sure you have too! It can be easy to get annoyed at other drivers with the sheer volume of careless people that appear to be behind the wheel, but exercising patience can go a long way. The world will seem a much less angry place in a couple of minutes if you just allow it to brush over you. It’s easier said than done, but what’s the point in getting angry at the most minor of things… besides which, it can fog your attention on the road, which is a less than great idea!


It’s a vague resolution, but focussing can make the difference between a good and a great driver. Also, when it comes to our line of work, it can mean the difference between a fellow driver and a customer! Make sure you keep your eye on the ball when you are taking to the road – and when filling your car with fuel – and you’ll have a far smoother driving experience!

If you do, however, find you’re in the position where you’ve accidentally filled your car with the wrong fuel, you know who to call! You can contact us on 0800 634 9827, where we are always eager to help you get your car back in ship shape. Alternatively, you can also find us over on Twitter, where you can stay up to date with the latest info from Wrong Fuel.