Do Service Stations Charge Too Much For Fuel?

Fuel can be considered expensive at the best of times, but when it comes to motorway service stations we are all aware of how the prices can be through the roof! 98% of motorists agree that motorway fuel is too pricey and 60% say that they would never buy it! (This information was gathered from a Viewsbank survey.)


With over 1000 drivers asked, the poll showed how 28% of drivers fill right up before heading out onto the motorway. 5% of people leave the motorway in a search for cheaper fuel when they get low.

However, when you’re miles from home and you need fuel you have to get it from somewhere. 27% say they will use service stations but 84% of drivers admit that the extortionate fuel prices put them off buying anything else from the service station all together!

Unfortunately, some people can’t help but use them, and 35% of people use service stations once a month and 11% of people use them weekly!

The most common uses for service stations are for using the toilets and stretching legs! 30% of people stop to eat their own food, whereas 24% of drivers stop to use the restaurants there.

It is recommended that drivers take regular breaks when travelling long distances on the motorway; every 2-3 hours is suggested. However 32% of drivers admit to waiting longer before stopping. If you find yourself desperate for fuel and stopping after a long drive it is possible to put the wrong fuel in your tank – a costly mistake – so regular motorway stops are highly recommended for the safety of everyone!

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