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Filling up on diesel in a petrol car is a fairly rare occurrence. That’s because the filler neck on an unleaded car is a lot smaller than it is on diesel cars, which makes it quite difficult to use a diesel pump on a petrol car. Only about a quarter of related calls are for incidents when diesel has been put into a petrol vehicle, as opposed to the far more common problem of petrol in a diesel car. However, it does still occur, and there’s no need to panic if it does, providing that you act quickly.

What to Do When You’ve Misfuelled

If you think you’ve filled up a petrol car with diesel, our advice is always the same: do not start the engine. Doing so will inject diesel into the engine, and the liquid will wet your spark plugs, meaning they’ll be unable to start. Of course, this happens super-quickly, so you’re unlikely to even make it off the garage forecourt before the engine cuts out, even if you do try and set off. The vehicle will almost certainly misfire or smoke as soon as you attempt to drive away. What needs to happen – even if you’ve only injected a small amount of diesel into your tank – is a full drain to remove all contamination. Otherwise, you risk spreading the contaminant around the petrol engine, which could result in long term damage. So, rather than risking that, give Wrong Fuel a call today.

Nationwide Services for Draining Diesel from Petrol Cars

If you have accidently put diesel in a petrol car, don’t panic, and definitely don’t start the engine. Instead, just call us immediately for a fuel drain. We offer a couple of packages depending on your needs, and can come to your aid on a nationwide basis. Even though we’re historically based in the South East of the UK, we maintain close links with other companies across the country, so we can help you out wherever you are. If you can wait for our assistance, you can also book a fuel drain within 48 hours after an incident has occurred, which often results in a saving on your part. Just give us a call today on 0800 634 9827 to benefit from our 24/7 service.