Chaos Caused by Wrong Fuel in Petrol Pumps

Whilst putting petrol in a diesel car or vice versa doesn’t have to be a cause of excessive embarrassment for you, it’s fair to say that you usually only have yourself to blame for the mishap (should it ever happen). However, in the last month one particular misfueling case left a staggering 15 motorists stranded, and remarkably none of them were to blame at all.

A Tesco fuel station in Lanarkshire was the site of the confusion, and many of the impeded people were unable to even leave the forecourt of the station premises after they had conducted a seemingly routine refill of their vehicles. Initially, the exact details of the problem were unclear, yet after a little investigation staff were able to uncover the underlying concern – and it wasn’t what you may have expected.

It transpired that the entire circumstance was caused by a delivery driver who had accidentally filled up six station fuel pumps with the incorrect fuel earlier that morning. According to the Daily Record, diesel fuel had been used to top up unleaded pumps, and petrol had then been used within pumps designed to house diesel, and the resulting debacle has resulted in Tesco needing to pay for any damages that have been caused to their customers’ vehicles.

This reported situation was very unusual because, as we’ve already said, usually an incident of using the wrong fuel only affects one person directly, yet even this larger scale problem was handled in the same way as a more normal case of misfueling; namely all of the vehicles in question needed to have their fuel tanks drained of any improper fuel substances.

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