How Much Fuel Money would Santa Need?

Santa has it pretty easy when it comes to travelling around the world; he doesn’t need to stop off to refuel (therefore, reducing the chances of him putting the wrong fuel in his vehicle), and he doesn’t  have to deal with the backlog of traffic that comes with the season, too!

However, what if his reindeer decided to take a day off and Santa had to bundle his presents in a car instead?

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The History of Diesel Vehicles

Diesel vehicles can be found all around the world. They can be as small as a hatchback or as large as buses, lorries, and even tankers, yet it is difficult to believe that diesel engines were only developed just over a century ago.

Have you ever wondered how the diesel engine first came about? At Wrong Fuel, we know everything about diesel vehicles, which is why we will take you on a journey on how the diesel engine developed over the years.

Diesel engine. X-ray render isolated on black background

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The Science Behind Misfuelling

Fuel is a commodity that we use every day, sometimes without even thinking about or knowing it. If you drove to work today, or got the bus, then the vehicle that you travelled in will use either diesel or petrol to get you to your destination.

Fuel is used to drive the engine of any vehicle, but surely every fuel is the same, right? I’m afraid not! We will be looking into the different types of fuel and what happens if you put the wrong one in your car.

Petrol Pump

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Fuel Thieves Misfuel

Around 400 people fill up their car with the wrong fuel every day, which is a minor inconvenience for the owner of the car.

But for some luckless thieves near Exeter, this was an issue that got them into some serious trouble with the police.

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The Top 10 Winter Driving Myths – Debunked!

As winter approaches, it’s important that you familiarise yourself with the dos and don’ts of winter driving. It’s often tempting to increase your speed, just a little, in order to get home quicker when it’s dark and depressing outside. However, it’s essential that you don’t do anything that puts you, your passengers, pedestrians or other drivers at risk.

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Self-Driving Cars: The Vehicles of the Future?

Also known as autonomous car, a self-driving car doesn’t need human input to drive on the roads. By utilising GPS, radar, computer vision, and odometry, self-driving cars are able to compile all the information and interpret it to navigate.

Automated cars differ from autonomous cars due to being automatic, as they are run by a machine, and not self-controlled and independent. Several companies, prominently Google, are investing in these technologies and engineering a vehicle anyone can drive regardless of skill.

Automatic braking system concept

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Basic Car Maintenance that Drivers Need to Know

Whether it’s been a few days after your driving test or even a few years, understanding how your car works and what to check for regularly when maintaining the condition of your car is essential.

Many drivers don’t check their cars as much as they should, and more than half of drivers on the road are ignoring faults with their vehicles, making the roads an even more dangerous place to be.

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Wrong Fuel in Your Vehicle: What To Do?

Putting the wrong fuel in your vehicle is very common, sometimes due to you driving a car you don’t typically drive, or because you were distracted while at the station. Knowing what to do if it does happen is essential to not cause irreparable damage to your vehicle.

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Driving Resolutions: 5 Bad Habits to Shake for 2016

Well, that’s it for another year! We hope you’re still feeling sufficiently stuffed from the excessive amount of grub you’ve managed to guzzle over the last few days.

With a New Year hot on our heels, we thought we would take a moment out from delivering our fuel drainage services in London and offer a blog to address some ideas for potential resolutions for the less than careful drivers out there! We’re sure you’re not one of course, but we all have areas that we can improve, right? 

Red sports car

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Merry Christmas from WrongFuel

Christmas Eve has finally arrived and we’re starting to get more than a little bit excited about all of tomorrow’s festivities. If you saw our recent post about winter driving tips, then hopefully you’re ready for a safe Christmas break darting across the country to catch up with distant relatives and spread some Christmas cheer.

Or perhaps you’re looking forward to a nice quiet one at home, relaxing in front of a warm fire and a glowing tree. However you choose to celebrate your break, we want to send you our Christmas wishes!

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