Electric Cars ‘to Cost More to Run Than Petrol Vehicles’ Claim Experts


In April, the Department for Transport’s financial support for the installation and maintenance of chargers ended. Due to this decision, local councils were left to cover the costs, and enlisted private companies to take care of the contracts. Consequentially, this has meant that prices for the installation and maintenance of electric cars have risen.

Transport Minister Baroness Kramer told BBC Radio Four’s You and Yours that £500m was being invested, over a period of five years, to provide support for electric vehicle drivers. In the first half of this year, almost 2,000 electric cars were cold in Britain – more than double the number of electric cars sold in 2013. It is thought that the main reason for this rise in sales is due to the perception that the running costs of an electric vehicle will be cheaper than a car that runs on fuel.

Electric cars are in the region of £8,000 more expensive than a diesel or petrol car, and the government has been known to offer a £5,000 grant towards the cost of the car, as well as helping to install a charge system at your home.

Up until recently, it has been free to recharge your car at all public power points. Now Charge Master requires £7.50 for a half an hour charging session. Andrew Fenwick-Green, the marketing secretary of the Electric Vehicle Drivers Association explains:

“A gallon of diesel for most eco-diesel will cost you £6.30 and get you around 60 miles. A 30-minute rapid charge would give you a range of 64 miles.  So, we’re paying an extra £1.20 more to get the same mileage. It’s madness… if the rapid charges go up to £7.50 we’re going to kill the market in a stroke.”

Lady Kramer says: “The whole point of this is that you charge at home. That leaves you with the cost of about 2p per mile, which is why it’s attractive to the people who have been buying [electric] cars. The public rapid chargers are intended for occasional use.”

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